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Photo Acrylic Keychain

Customised key chain is an ideal gift for every occasion in Singapore. It can be small but customised key chain is very useful and is a great gift for various age groups. From simple names customised on acrylic key chains to you brand name or logo imprinted on the charm, customised key chains are very versatile gifts.
If you are opting for a gift that will always be accessible to the recipient, customised key chains are the best. Key chains are always in our pockets, table tops, walls, and not to mention we also often carry them in our hands. There won’t be a day that your recipient wouldn’t get to appreciate a customised key chain.
Looking for a good supplier of quality but affordable customised key chains in Singapore? Art Serve offers a variety of acrylic key chain designs to choose from. We can put your brand logos or names on them to make the perfect custom key chain gifts the receiver will surely appreciate.

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Looking for cheap customized gifts in Singapore for your loved ones?

Browse through our online shop for the perfect gift suited for yourself, or you can drop us a email or whatsapp us to check with us for any queries.

From Birthday Party, Events, Baby Shower, Wedding Favours, Corporate Gifts, Christmas Gift Exchange, Children's day , Teacher's Day.             

Customised gifts are often bought in bulk. They are, after all, being given as souvenirs or corporate gifts. Other times we are also receiving request for family customised gifts.

The main point is that when you are planning to buy customised gift in Singapore, you’re probably thinking it would cost you a lot. It is not the case here in Art Serve. 


When most customised gift suppliers in Singapore offer their products with very expensive prices,

Art Serve is different.

We offer quality yet affordable customised gifts in Singapore.

As we understand that you’ll be giving out a lot of these customised gifts to your business partners or relatives, we do not want to charge so much for every piece. 

So if you are looking for cheap customised gifts for your business in Singapore, choose Art Serve today!


Our products and services are known across the country for having an excellent quality without putting a strain to our customers’ budget.

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